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Provably Fair was a new revolution in fair game play accountability introduced with the dawn of Bitcoin. These gambling sites allow the public to see how outcomes are based on the gambler's input and a secret number that is disclosed and changed for the next rounds every hour for example. This allows online gamblers to verify if the website "played" fair.

BitLotto was likely the first blockchain based "provably fair". It uses the transaction ID as the "ticket", and the results of a large government-run lottery to determine the winning numbers.

SatoshiDICE became a blockbuster blockchain method for online gambling. It uses the transaction ID to determine the "lucky number" (between 0 and 65,535). The secret used for determining that lucky number is revealed after the end of the day.

bitZino gets credit for coining the term "provably fair", and first launched an online blackjack game then followed it up first with video poker and then roulette as well. The game allows the user to change the client seed used for each play.

Online wagers can be verified by anyone at any time after the results are published Proving that the game played always computed the results correctly requires logging of the hash, the client seed, and also the way the hand was played -- so it is much more effort to verify unless there is automation but no automated solutions for verifying all wagers on bitZino have been made available.,, and others have implemented provably fair systems.

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